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Fan Insights

Per fan, this CRM will allow you to:

Enhance fan spending Message and PPV outreach

Target top spenders Personalized chats

Reactivate expired subs Special PPVs

Boost fan retention Up to 25% comeback rate

Pre-written Messaging

Promote new content, send reminders, & engage with fans

Send pre-written messages to fans

Save time and boost sales

Emoji Dashboard

Make messages more engaging and expressive

Easily access emojis when chatting with fans

No more searching for specific emoji codes


Enhance fan spending: Message and PPV outreach

Target top spenders: Personalized chats

Reactivate expired subs: Special PPVs

Boost fan retention: Up to 25% comeback rate

Safe For WorkMode

Work from any location

All content can be blurred

Ultimate creator lifestyle flexibility

SFS % Verification

Verify Your Percentage Is Genuine

Build Trust with Fellow Creators

The Power of Transparency

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