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Privacy Policy

At ("Fanboard", "we", "our", or "us"), your privacy is very important to us. With a steadfast commitment to safeguarding it, we have designed this Privacy Policy ("Policy") to explain our practices concerning user data. This Policy delves into how we gather, use and process any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (“Personal Information”) details pertaining to an identified or potentially identifiable individual. Such data may be procured and processed via our Website, the Fanboard Extension, or any affiliated plug-in, console extension, or software (referred to as the "Services").

This Policy oversees your interaction with our Services.

Acknowledgement of This Policy

By utilising our Services, you consent to our processing of Personal Information as an integral component of the Services. You acknowledge that all Personal Information, either provided by you or gathered through our Services, is accurate and can be processed by us in the manner and for the purposes highlighted in this Privacy Policy. If you disagree with any part of this policy, we kindly request that you refrain from using our Services.

Data From Any Third Party Website (E.G. OnlyFans) You Use The Extension On

Certain Services, either currently available or that might be introduced in the future, necessitate registration. During this registration process,

you will be required to supply the following Third Party Data:

Categories of Third Party Data:

Identifiers: Including registration specifics, name, user ID, email address, phone number, corporate details, and credentials.


Directly from you, and in some cases, automatically when you engage with our Services.
Third-party account providers, especially when you connect a third-party account to our Services.
Social Network Profile Username related to the Services:
Directly from you or automatically after you grant the necessary permissions to facilitate our Services.

It's imperative that the information you offer is both accurate and comprehensive. Without the aforementioned details, the registration process cannot be completed, and our Services cannot be delivered. Should there be any modifications to the Personal Information/Third Party Data you have shared, it is your responsibility to promptly update us. We shall store your Personal Information/Third Party Data abiding by the legal stipulations.

The Personal Information/Third Party Data entrusted to us will be securely stored within our database. Please note that this database might also be maintained and managed by a third-party hosting service. Furthermore, any communication with us, including inquiries, might be retained and/or recorded with the primary intent of enhancing the Services we offer. It is essential to note that there is no legal mandate necessitating you to provide personal information.

Information We Gather

In strict adherence to data protection regulations, we ensure that our collection of information is carried out lawfully, treating our users' information with utmost respect and integrity. We retain personal data only as long as it serves the purpose for which it was collected.

Our Services offer functionalities that aid users in managing, enhancing, and scaling their social media engagement according to their preferences.

To facilitate our Services, our extension may collect any Third Party data necessary to provide you with the service you require from us including an assortment of data, including specific Personal Information. This is entirely contingent on the permissions and authorisations you bestow upon us. Examples include data related to your social media profile on platforms like OnlyFans, encompassing details about followers, users who engage with your content, and other relevant interactions. Such data spans across messages, earnings statistics, referral metrics, and more.

Breakdown of Personal Information:

Categories of Personal Information:

Follower and User Data: This includes names, usernames, user IDs, and details related to subscriptions and usage.
Sources: Automatically collected when you give us consent to facilitate our Services.
Commercial Insights: Information regarding subscribers, posts, and streams.
Metadata from Messages: Details such as message ID, captions, price, and count.
Statistical Data: Further explained in subsequent sections.
This list is not exhaustive and may include other data not listed.

The information acquisition is structured as follows: (i) details you willingly provide to us, either offline or during the Services registration process; (ii) information gathered through your active engagement with the Services; (iii) insights collected by our technology while you use our Services. This may include analytics and usage patterns which help in refining our offerings and improving user experiences so that we can provide the service you signed up for.

By engaging with our Services, you grant us access to this information, ensuring a more tailored and enriched user experience.

Cookies Policy

When you engage with our Services, either on its own or via third-party service partners, may automatically register specific data through tools like cookies and related technologies. Cookies are minuscule text fragments transferred by your browser to your device. These cookies can be either persistent (lasting on your device until their specified duration or until you delete them) or session-based (removed once you shut your browser). Throughout your use of our Services, both we and our third-party affiliates might place multiple cookies on your device. Should you request, we are prepared to provide an exhaustive list of cookies utilized within our Services.

The primary motive behind this data collection is to discern your preferences, both on an individual and collective scale, ensuring we present an enhanced user experience. The data we might collect encompasses:

In-depth Analytics:

Furthermore, we might collate additional data from service providers and social platforms like OnlyFans, aiming to achieve a comprehensive understanding of your subscribers – both active and expired – and their behaviors. This might encompass their spending patterns, messaging habits, among others, primarily for analytical and research purposes.

Every time you use our Services, our server registers data, a portion of which is the standard information your browser dispatches each time you visit any online service. Most web browsers equip you with the ability to manage cookies, from blocking to deletion. However, restricting or erasing our cookies might hinder the functionality of our Services. For detailed guidance on managing, controlling, or eliminating cookies and for browser-specific advice, please visit: Do note, the act of opting out of cookies is specific to your browser and device, persisting only until your browser's cookies are cleared. Blocking cookies might compromise the utility of certain features within our Services.

Purposes for Managing and Using Personal Information

At the onset or during the collection of Personal Information, we ensure clarity by outlining the reasons for which this information is accrued. The acquisition and use of Personal Information strictly align with the objectives we’ve identified, any other aligned intentions, and the conditions stipulated by prevailing laws, barring instances where explicit consent from the involved individual has been secured.

We harness the Personal Information in our possession to:

Deliver our Services to our users.
Facilitate communication regarding the Services and to address any inquiries you may have.
Dispatch updates, undertake technical diagnostics, decipher service usage trends, and oversee the Services management.
Elevate your user experience concerning our Services.
Pursue analytics, studies, and surveys. Occasionally, we might initiate surveys, pilot new features, and parse the data at our disposal to refine, assess, and advance these attributes. Such endeavours aim to enhance our Services and conceive innovative functionalities for our customers.
Track overarching metrics and statistical data concerning our Services and its users.
Address and resolve any technological issues highlighted by our user base.
Uphold our interests. This involves harnessing your Personal Information when we deem it requisite to mitigate potential liabilities, contest or shield ourselves against third-party assertions, counteract fraudulent activities, ensure the security and authenticity of our services, and safeguard the privileges and assets of Fanboard, its users, and its associated entities.
Abide by legal and normative prerequisites. This entails using your Personal Information to probe possible breaches, conform to governmental or regulatory mandates, or respond to judicial summons or analogous legal procedures.

Data Retention

We are committed to holding onto your data only for the duration necessary to accomplish the intended purposes of processing. The suitable length for data retention is discerned by assessing the volume, type, and sensitivity of the Personal Information, the reasons for its processing, and the feasibility of realizing these aims through alternative methods.

Once the Personal Information becomes redundant, we systematically delete it. However, there are situations where we might need to retain it for a brief period, especially when required to fulfill legal obligations (like addressing claims) or respond to feedback and inquiries. This also helps safeguard our legal rights should any claim arise.

Moreover, we continuously evaluate ways to reduce the Personal Information we utilize over time. If possible, we aim to render your Personal Information anonymous, ensuring it cannot be linked or used to identify you. Upon successful anonymization, we reserve the right to utilize the data without additional notifications to you.

Disclosing Data to External Entities

We remain resolute in not commercializing or disseminating Personal Information to external parties, barring exceptions mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

Your Personal Information might be shared under these circumstances:

Fanboard Team

We may delegate or permit access to the Personal Information we accumulate to our team members. This is purely to ensure the seamless functioning of the Services and to facilitate communication with you. It's pivotal to note that all Fanboard personnel entrusted with your Personal Information are bound by a stringent confidentiality obligation.

Service Affiliates

Your Personal Information might be shared with vendors, technological solution providers, consultants, and data handlers who collaborate with us. This encompasses entities that provide services such as data analytics, messaging solutions, and those hosting the Services. Be advised that we harness third-party cloud platforms for the management, possession, and handling of your Personal Information, a practice justifiable for our operational needs. Some of these platforms could be stationed outside your residing country.

Additionally, there might be scenarios compelling us to disclose your Personal Information:

Adherence to prevailing laws and mandates, responding to lawful directives or requests, even if a response isn't mandated by the governing law.
Upholding an agreement or safeguarding our privileges.
Legal confrontations with you that necessitate the revelation of your data.
Any significant business transitions, such as asset acquisitions, transfers, mergers, or liquidations.
It's also noteworthy that we could share data encapsulating Personal Information in an anonymized form with our user base and commercial allies based on binding agreements.

Lastly, for our operational imperatives and delineated business reasons, we might share Personal Information with service entities and third parties. This includes partners offering essential functions like web infrastructure, data scrutiny, payment gateways, order processing, IT support, commercial partners, customer assistance, email dispatch, security measures, and analogous services.

Protection of Minors

We are committed to safeguarding children's privacy. We do not intentionally gather or request personal details from individuals below the age of 18, nor do we knowingly permit such individuals to sign up or use the Company's Services. If you're under 18, kindly refrain from accessing our Services. We prohibit anyone below 18 from sharing any Personal Information with us. If we become aware that we've inadvertently collected information from someone under 18, we'll act swiftly to erase that data and block access to the Services.

Your Data Protection Privileges

You possess distinct rights regarding your data and how we manage it. Some of these rights may have specific exceptions or constraints. Here's a summary of the rights you can exercise as per relevant data protection laws:

Access to Your Data

You can reach out to the Company using the contact details given below to request access to the data we hold about you.

Data Rectification

If you notice that your account information isn't accurate, comprehensive, or current, you can provide the necessary corrections. For verification purposes, we might request specific details to confirm your identity.

Revoking Consent

Should you wish to withdraw your consent regarding data processing, you can contact us. This revocation will not impact any prior consent-based processing activities.

Data Deletion or Restriction

You have the right to ask for the deletion of your data or restrict its accessibility. Should you prefer to opt out, use the contact details provided at the end of this Policy. If we're using your data for service delivery or other valid reasons, we might decline or delay your request. If this happens, we'll explain the reason behind our decision.

Opting Out of Tracking and Cookies

Your device or browser settings can be adjusted to decline data collection via cookies or similar technologies. However, remember that certain features of the Services might be compromised or might not function if you choose this option.

Other Opt-out Rights

Depending on your location, you may possess additional rights to refuse certain usages of Personal Information.

Should you have any reservations about our data handling practices, feel free to reach us at [email protected]. We'll diligently address your queries and strive to resolve any concerns you might possess in a timely manner.

Data Protection Measures

We gather and process Personal Information consistent with this Policy and only as necessary for our legitimate operational needs. We employ standard precautions to secure your data, which include password protection, firewalls, encryption, and off-site storage solutions. We also continually review and update our security protocols to protect against potential threats. Nonetheless, no data transmission can be guaranteed 100% secure due to unforeseen vulnerabilities or breaches. By using our services, you recognize and accept these inherent risks.

Your data will be stored for the duration your account remains active or as required to deliver our services. Furthermore, we'll keep your information to satisfy legal mandates, resolve disputes, and uphold our contracts.

Cross-border Data Transfers

Our Services are primarily hosted on servers located in the UK and Europe. It's worth noting that users may access our Services from locations outside of these regions.

By using our Services, you're consenting to the transfer and processing of your Personal Information outside your residing jurisdiction. We ensure this cross-border transfer complies with relevant local privacy regulations. We commit to taking necessary measures to ensure your data is processed securely and in alignment with this Policy.

Privacy Policy Updates

We may periodically adjust this Policy. In the event of significant amendments, we'll inform you either by announcing it on the Services or through other communication methods at our discretion. Any modifications become effective upon posting or as communicated. By continuing to use our Services post-update, you agree to the revised Policy.

Contact Us

For any queries or feedback regarding this privacy policy, please contact us at: [email protected].

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